Direction. Control. Results.
Your success should not be left to chance. I can provide you with the tools to reach your goals by managing career, family and interests.

The Problem
There are no instructions on how to respond to life’s twists and turns. You think you have everything under control, but in reality you are hoping for the best.
The Solution
I will provide you with the essential direction to gain the results you deserve, by making better decisions to the benefit of your career, your family, and your interests. You will manage effectively through obstacles, while never sacrificing what is important to you!

1-on-1 Coaching

I look forward helping you gain the direction, control and results you deserve! My hands-on coaching offerings are customized to your needs, from multiple-session to urgent single-session packages. Contact me to learn how I can help you negotiate a job offer, win a promotion/raise, or make a big decision.

“Life has become much easier after I began implementing the skills you provided me… I felt more balanced with my entire life.”

– Rochelle

Speeches & Seminars

My talks are never dull. I weave together business advice, subject-matter expertise, and real-life examples to keep the audience awake, alert, and inspired. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, I customize each talk, learn about the audience I am speaking to, and provide specific tactics and strategies that result in total SUCCESS.

Strategic Facilitation

I am highly regarded as an effective facilitator of executive and strategic meetings in both the private and public sectors.




You really can have it all!

In The Art of Getting Everything readers gain perspective and their own blueprint for success by:

  • Learning how to develop a life path as a guide for negotiating and advocating for their “net worth” – income, family, health, personal interests
  • Discovering resources and tools they can put to use immediately to handle conflict and overcome disagreements
  • Finding straightforward strategies for navigating the world of negotiation, so they can get what they want

In The Art of Getting Everything, Elizabeth Suárez equips readers with these necessary tools to identify, achieve, and sustain success in their personal and professional lives. She provides real-life examples and highlights specific issues common to professionals and helps them construct a path to reach their goals.

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