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Elizabeth is highly regarded as an effective facilitator of executive and strategic meetings in both the private and public sectors.


Elizabeth’s mediation skills provide direction and subject matter understanding, as well as offer effective conflict resolution.


Elizabeth’s knowledge and understanding of conflict resolution, persuasion and negotiation is impressive, highly informative and very realistic.


Elizabeth is an entertaining, motivating, and provocative speaker who educates and inspires audiences with her unique interactive style and humorous approach.

Executive Coaching

Elizabeth’s coaching approach is hands-on. Not only does she provides a wealth of knowledge in conflict resolution, persuasion and negotiation; she understands the frustration associated with these topics first-hand through her mediation, facilitation and ADR strategic work.


Elizabeth is passionate about helping professionals better understand how to manage disagreements, succeed in any negotiation and develop the strategies and tactics for success, while deploying ethical persuasion and inclusiveness skills.

Elizabeth is simply amazing! Her talk on Negotiation and Women at our Advancing Women in IS workshop was spot on. She made such an impression on our participants that I had people, who didn’t even attend the event, coming up and saying that they heard it was fabulous and hoped it would be offered again so they could attend. I can’t wait to have her back as well. Every time I hear her speak, I gain more insight into negotiating and how to do it right. Thanks Elizabeth!

-professor of ITmajor business school

“Elizabeth Suarez is a seasoned moderator who our firm uses with great confidence for a wide variety of audiences. I have seen Elizabeth engage high profile professionals and cajole middle school kids. She is adaptive and highly intuitive to gather the types of qualitative information we seek for our social media campaigns. Her English and Spanish bilingual skills also help us assure our clients that we are reaching all relevant populations in our state.”

-principalstrategic communications firm

There is much more to moderating a focus group than simply asking questions and that’s why we frequently enlist the services of Elizabeth Suarez. Elizabeth is a fast learner and a conceptual thinker. She understands Latino group dynamics, allowing her to thoroughly explore the topic under discussion in a culturally and linguistically relevant manner, while always maintaining a sense of respect and objectivity.

-managing directormarketing firm

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In The Art of Getting Everything you will learn how to:

  • Identify and implement a path that will help you reach your short and long-term goals.
  • Make offers work for you by understanding the importance of balancing your personal interests with your career and family.
  • Negotiate effectively using a three-stage process.
  • Embrace the conflicts that arise in negotiations.
  • Customize your path to reach your goals.

The book provides multiple real-life examples on how to approach different situations. SPECIAL OFFER: Sign up for my newsletter to receive a link to an exclusive training video on the Five Styles of Negotiation and an infographic on Forging your New Path to Success.

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